Best movie dentist

Best movies about dentists

Is there really such a thing as a movie about dentists?

Well, there have been a handful of movies that came out with dentists prominently featured in them. And these films show that although dentistry isn’t as action packed as being a cop or a spy, it is just as interesting thanks to how the characters were played by their respective actors.

Okay, let’s start !

Willie Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

One of the most recognizable films in this list is about Willy Wonka. Now, he isn’t the dentist, but his father is. This lays down the premise of how the character was developed. We learn through a revisiting of his past that Willy Wonka’s dad was an overbearing dentist who was never content with his son’s achievement.

So, what does Willy Wonka do? He creates a business that promotes tooth decay and cavities! His dad should’ve thanked him as the number of kids with dental issues probably rose up at that time leading to a huge influx in patients heading for his clinic!

Finding Nemo

The next on the list is Finding Nemo. This is an animated film that starts in Dr. Philip Sherman’s, dental office.

Dr. Sherman has a niece who adores fishes but doesn’t know how to take care of them just yet due to her young age. She ends up killing fish on a regular basis which then leads to her crying and her uncle buying a new fish for her to enjoy.

This shows that although kids and adults alike are scared of dentists, there are doctors out there who are loving dads and uncles like Dr. Sherman is to his niece!

Horrible Bosses

How can Rachel Green ever be portrayed as a Horrible Boss? Well, in this movie, Jennifer Aniston shows a different side of herself by taking on the role of Dr. Julia Harris, a sexually aggressive dentist who constantly harasses her assistant.

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