Dental marketing software

Dental practices can be time consuming leaving little or no time to manage the marketing and communication side of your business. These are two important aspects of your business that should never be ignored to make your overall dental practice a success.

We understand that dentist may find business management challenging because there are trained doctors and not managers. For this reasons we have created a dental software that will help you manage your patient relationship, marketing and website.

How will our dental marketing software help you?

Patient relationship management.

Booking appointment.

We have a patient relationship management software that will help you in managing your patients. This software helps new patients book appointments with you. The software shows the available dates and this means that a patient can book for an appointment without necessarily visiting your premises. These appointments can be done online any time of the day or night.

Appointment reminder.

Our dental software has been designed to send short messages to your clients to remind them of appointments. Patients who are overdue with their appointments will also get short messages through the appointment reminder.

Managing communication.

The patient relationship management software is designed to continuously keep information flowing between you and your patients. This will manage all your clients information concerning online reports, reminders, complains, compliments and all the information that is being shared between you and your clients.

Managed marketing.

Our integrated dental software helps you in marketing your dental practice. For instance, managed marketing will help you improve your online presence where customers will be able to see you. Managed marketing improves your online presence through linking you with social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram and even google plus. These are popular sites that will give you direct contact with clients and in this way you can showcase your services.

Creating customized business profile.

A business profile is the first step towards marketing your business. Our dental software will help you create a smart business profile for your dental practice that will be attractive to your customers. A smart business profile will give your clients a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for.

Connecting you with the locals.

This dental software is able to connect you with the locals who may need your services. This will be done through linking your business through the local business directories for you to be seen by your clients.

Smart website.

Our dental software will provide you with a smart website that will be crucial in managing your business. The smart website offer search engine features for clients to search for services. It is search engine optimized meaning that it will appear top in search engine results. The website is well designs with graphics to help visitors understand the content and easily navigate through various areas of the website. The website is linked with all social media sites and has interactive videos to help clients understand you better.

Our dental software offers the ultimate solution when it comes to dental marketing. This is because it works as a combination of people, processes and the use of modern technology to bring efficiency in the dental practice.

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