New Contour Hero Odontogram Now Available!

When we began the Journey to Restore and also upgrade the Odontogram

We determined we would not take the very easy path, in a manner of speaking. Restoring called for much cautious style and also development. There were times when the oxygen seemed thin, when we slipped yet caught ourselves, when we assumed the easy course never ever looked better. But we bore up.

Today, the climb mores than as well as we could state we made the globe’s sexiest odontogram far better than ever.

Among the crucial factors for the reconstruct was to change the underlying innovation of the odontogram from Flash to a much more modern Javascript framework. The switch gives us even more control over the combination in between the odontogram as well as other major components of Curve Hero. It’s likewise opened a door to several other feasible functions that in the past were not possible because of limitations to Blink.

However we really did not quit with offering Flash the boot.

An essential characteristic of a legendary journey is that you might find out orders in the process that were unexpected. Lightbulbs go off. Concepts arise. I indicate, as soon as you have the hood up and also the tranny drew you may too make extra renovations.

So exactly what else did we improve?


As soon as we dug right into reconstructing the odontogram, we found that we can make tweaks that improved the loading and general performance of the odontogram as well as all of the relevant components. We were able to enhance standard charting efficiency yet also comments as well as labels.

Upgraded Teeth and Structures

We have reconstructed our tooth designs from the ground up, upgrading the textures on the teeth as well as offering them a cleaner look. There is also a boosted zoom on the teeth when hovering over them to make charting surfaces a little bit less complicated.

curve dental

Improved Equipments Interface

We likewise altered the sentence structure style utilized to pick treatments. We have actually arranged these procedures right into a sidebar that offers a better individual experience, provides the odontogram much more space to take a breath, and also sets the stage for more enhancements to operations as well as effectiveness. We have actually also relocated the advanced/basic mode selector as well as provided it a house in the sidebar as well; it will no more remain in the means while charting treatments.

curve dental tool

We are pleased to provide this new and also better odontogram to our consumers as well as anticipate bringing them more new attributes in the future. New procedure paint kinds as well as a boosted user experience that will permit a workplace to focus much more on a single tooth when charting procedures. We might have much more tricks up our sleeve but I will not ruin whatever right here. Click here to know more about dental information.